Elder.js plugins

In this repo you'll find Elder.js plugins.

NOTE: All plugins require at least Elder.js V1.0.0.

Official Plugins:

  • Images Easily add and manage responsive images with your Elder.js website.
  • Markdown An extensible markdown parser for Elder.js powered by remark.
  • Critical Path CSS Quickly and easily generate and include critical path css for your Elder.js website.
  • Sitemap Automatically generate the latest sitemap for your Elder.js website on build.
  • References Easily add wikipedia style references to your content.
  • Random Easily preview a random page of a route by visiting a single url speeding up design and debugging of large sites.

Other Plugins:

  • i18n Easily add internationalization to your Elder.js website. NOTE: This plugin require at least Elder.js v1.2.5.

  • elderjs-plugin-google-fonts: This plugin fetches fonts from google fonts, generates font-face definitions and inlines those in the head tag.

  • elderjs-plugin-blog-pagination: This plugin help you to easily generate your blog pagination that use @elderjs/plugin-markdown to generate post from markdown.

  • RSS Feed: Add an RSS feed to your Elder.js blog. Requires the Markdown Plugin.

  • Have you written a plugin? If so, let us know we'd love to include it here.

Writing A Plugin:

If you are interested in adding your own plugin the quickest way to do so it to:

npx degit Elderjs/plugin-template elderjs-plugin
cd elderjs-plugin

Adding Your Plugin:

If you've got a plugin you'd like to see on this page, please create a pull request updating this readme. Thanks!

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