A W.I.P desktop application for a new typesetting language, typst.

[WIP] typstudio

A W.I.P desktop application for a new markup-based typesetting language, typst. Typstudio is built using Tauri.


  • Syntax highlighting
  • Compiler error markers
  • Real time preview
    • Navigate to source
    • More performance optimization
  • Build/export
  • Complete file explorer system
  • Auto complete
  • Image pasting
  • Linting and formatting
  • Bibliography assistant
  • Formatting assistant
  • Project creation assistant / templates

...and more to come!

Installing & Running

Typstudio does not have a stable release yet.

Development Builds

Development builds are provided in releases. The builds support Linux (amd64), macOS (amd64, aarch64), and Windows (amd64).



Note about running on macOS

When running Typstudio for the first time on macOS, you may see a warning saying that the "Developer can not be verified". This is only a one-time warning for new files downloaded from the internet that aren't notarized.

To be able to work around it, perform the following steps:

  • Right-click on the application, and then click "Open"
  • Then, you'll see yet another warning from Gatekeeper, just click "Open" again to launch Typstudio


Do note that development (debug) builds are slower than release builds. Pull requests are welcome!


Getting Started

pnpm install
pnpm tauri dev # or cargo-tauri dev

Building (Release)

pnpm tauri build # or cargo-tauri build

Learn more


Typstudio is licensed under GPLv3.

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