Svelte Jss

JSS for Svelte and Sapper

Svelte JSS

Use JSS for styling your Svelte and Sapper apps.


npm install svelte-jss --dev

yarn add svelte-jss --dev

Note: it's important to install the package as a dev dependency, otherwise you will run into a weird error.

Use in Svelte

Svelte component example: Input.svelte

  import { useStyles } from 'svelte-jss';
  const styles = useStyles({
    input: {
      border: '1px solid #eee',
      boxSizing: 'border-box',
      padding: '1em',
      '&:focus': {
        outline: 'none',
      width: '100%',

<input class={styles.input} />

Cross-component theming

Use a svelte store to hold your styles and reactive statements in your components to update dynamically whenever the value of the store changes:

  import { useStyles } from 'svelte-jss';
  import { myCustomThemeStore } from './my/custom/theme.js';
  $: styles = useStyles($myCustomThemeStore);

<input class={styles.input} />

Server Side Rendering with Sapper

To enable SSR of the JSS styles used in any of your Svelte components you just need to render the Jss component after all other components like this:

For example in your routes/_layout.svelte:

  import Jss from "svelte-jss/Jss.svelte";

<div class="container">
  <!-- Include after all other components -->
  <Jss />


svelte-jss ensures that only styles that are actually used are included in your SSR.

How to configure JSS

Setup JSS plugins before any components using jss are mounted. E.g: in the script area of the _layout.svelte component:

  import jss from 'jss';
  import jssPresetDefault from 'jss-preset-default';

<!-- Your components -->

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