Svelte Kit Website Starter

Starter template for website with SvelteKit, Docker, PostgreSQL and Nginx.

SvelteKit Website Starter

Get started

NOTE: Before using this template, you need to install pnpm (only for development), docker and docker compose.

Create a new project based on this template using degit:

pnpx degit CitRUSprod/svelte-kit-website-starter my-website
cd my-website
pnpm i

The launch is done through docker compose, but with scripts scripts/dev and scripts/prod:

scripts/dev [docker compose command]
scripts/prod [docker compose command]

Run the project by entering these commands and open http://localhost:6700 in your browser:

# Development
scripts/dev up -d
pnpm dev # or "cd apps/[app]" and "pnpm dev"

# Production

Example of development mode commands

scripts/dev up -d # Start
scripts/dev down # Stop
scripts/dev logs [app] # View app logs
scripts/dev exec [app] sh # Enter the app container
scripts/dev [docker compose command] # Any docker compose command

Example of production mode commands

scripts/prod up -d # Start
scripts/prod down # Stop
scripts/prod logs [app] # View app logs
scripts/prod exec [app] sh # Enter the app container
scripts/prod [docker compose command] # Any docker compose command

# or shortcuts

scripts/start # Start
scripts/stop # Stop
scripts/restart # Restart


Commit with commitizen:

pnpm commit

Check types with tsc:

pnpm check-types

Lint with linters:

pnpm lint

Format with formatters:

pnpm format

Environment variables

All environment variables are written to the .env file. If it doesn't exist, just enter this command:


Migrations and seeds

The project uses prisma to work with the database.

Migrations and seeds are located in apps/api/src/prisma in the migrations folder and seeds.ts file. To work with them, you need to go to the api app directory:

# Development
cd apps/api

# Production
scripts/prod exec api sh

Then you can enter any of the following commands:

pnpm prisma:migrations:create # Create migrations
pnpm prisma:migrations:run # Run migrations
pnpm prisma:migrations:reset # Reset migrations
pnpm prisma:seeds:run # Run seeds


Backups are placed in storage/backups folder. They are automatic in production mode. For manual backup you can use this command:


To restore a database from backup you can use this command:

scripts/restore-backup [YYYY-MM-DD_hh-mm-ss] # For example 2020-05-12_21-35-00

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