Day28: Server-side Deployments


  • Deploy your Todo list backedn to Vercel! Generate a tsconfig for your express server with npx tsc --init


Databases! Learned about our two main options:

  • SQL , the very strict and reliable but more complicated one, and
  • MongoDB, the very relaxed and easier but less reliable one

and we decided to go with MongoDb via firebase to start!


  • Create a Cloud Firestore in Firebase, or Supabase, and change your Todolist to store and get todos from the real database instead!
  • Put the firebase config stuff into environment variables tob e secure!


DaisyUI, Tailwind, and the start of our boring but necessary Todo App that will grow to help us learn databases and security!


  • a Svelte app with an Express backend, jsut like the previous homework (Videogames app), but for a TODO list using DaisyUI/Tailwind. How to set up tailwind/daisy with svelte? HEre:

You should have:

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