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Simple range slider for Svelte 3

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Simple svelte range slider component. demo


Install with npm or yarn:

npm i -D @bulatdashiev/svelte-slider

Then import Slider component to your Svelte app.

import Slider from '@bulatdashiev/svelte-slider';


Simple usage

<Slider bind:value >

Range input

<Slider bind:value range />

Min, max and step

<Slider min="-50" max="50" step="10" bind:value range />

You can bind to min, max and value, slider will change according to props change


Default slot

<Slider bind:value>
  <span style="font-size: 20px;">&#128079;</span>

Left, right slots

<Slider bind:value range>
  <span slot="left" style="font-size: 20px;">&#128078;</span>
  <span slot="right" style="font-size: 20px;">&#128077;</span>


Name Type Default Description
value Array [number, number] [min, max]
min number 0
max number 100
step number 1
name Array [string, string] empty array Provide names to inputs if you want use slider in form input
range boolean false Set to true to use range input
order boolean false Set to true if you want value[0] always be greater then value[1]


  • default - customizes both thumbs if left or right slots isn't provided
  • left - provide to customize left thumb
  • right - provide to customize right thumb


  • input - event fires when the value changes within thumb drag


:root {
  --track-bg: #ebebeb;
  --progress-bg: #8abdff;
  --thumb-bg: #5784fd;

set --thumb-bg to transparent if you use custom thumb

:root {
  --thumb-bg: transparent;


MIT © BulatDashiev

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