Whatsapp Reader 2

Desktop app that parses exported WhatsApp Chats. Built with Electron and Svelte.

WhatsApp Reader 2.0

Rules for chat files to be imported

  • groups or contacts can't have the name '_SYSTEM'
  • groups or contacts can't contain a colon (:)
  • system notifications (e.g. change of group description) can't contain a colon

should not be the case anyway, but check if import fails

  • first 18 characters of first lines have to be in the following format:


  • if you've left a chat, message is not recognized as a system notification
  • only works with chats that are exported on Android

Planned features

  • chat statistics
  • notification when chat with same name was already imported
  • language agnostic chat import (currently only german)
  • only copying in chat linked files into appData instead of whole selected folder


There are four message types: system, message, file, image

Main color: #00BFA5

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