Create Tailwind (create-tw)

The easiest way to get started with TailwindCSS.

It uses popular scaffolding scripts like create-next-app, create-vite, create-astro, or create-svelte to scaffold projects and then configures TailwindCSS to work with your project out of the box.


npx create-tw@latest

# OR

npx create-tw@latest <project-name> --template <id>


yarn create tw

# OR

yearn create tw <project-name> --template <id>


pnpm create tw

# OR

pnpm create tw <project-name> --template <id>
  1. Pick project type
    • Nextjs (create-next-app)
    • Vanilla (create-vite)
    • React (create-vite)
    • Vue (create-vite)
    • Astro (create-astro)
    • Svelte (create-svelte)
    • Preact (create-vite)
    • Solid (degit)
  2. Pick language
    • TypeScript
    • JavaScript
  3. Pick dependencies
    • Prettier, clsx, etc.
  4. Pick Plugins
    • Daisy UI, @tailwindcss/typography, etc

It's ready! ✅

Currently in very early stage of development

Ideas, suggestions and bug reports are much appreciated. In the following days I'm planning to add support for React, Vue & Svelte with Vite.

Scaffolding tools

id Template Tool
nextjs Next.js create-next-app
vanilla Vanilla create-vite
react React create-vite
vue Vue create-vite
astro Astro create-astro
svelte-kit Svelte Kit create-svelte
preact Preact create-vite
solid Solid degit

NOTE: Add the -ts postfix to the ID to install with TypeScript

Include template id to skip input steps

npx create-tw@latest --template <id>
# OR
yarn create tw --template <id>

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