A small date picker built with Svelte 3. Demo available here: view docs and examples.


npm i -D svelte-calendar


  • Day, Month & Year pickers
  • Responsive
  • Keyboard, touch, and scroll support
  • Inline & Picker modes
  • Virtual/infinite grid for animation performance
  • Store-driven and extensible
  • Localization using day.js

Usage within svelte-kit project

When using this component within a svelte-kit application it is necessary to add its two dependencies (just-throttle and dayjs) to the config.kit.vite.optimizeDeps.include array in svelte.config.js. Eg: your config should include the following:

const config = {
  kit: {
    vite: {
      optimizeDeps: {
        include: ['just-throttle', 'dayjs']

export default config;

Features In Development

  • time picker
  • date & date-time range picker

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