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Integrating SvelteKit and Stripe Checkout

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SvelteKit Stripe Integration

Update in this branch:

The SvelteKit demo template comes with an awesome counter application built in. It would be better though if it was a subscription SAAS counter. That's what this repo does.

Check it out at

This demo application implements subscriptions using SvelteKit and Stripe Checkout. It is based on this guide.

How to use.

First you need to have an account on Stripe.

Stripe Webhooks

This repo contains a SvelteKit endpoint for Stripe Webhook events.

To test the hook locally see this guide

The stripe webhook endpoint is https://localhost:3000/stripe/webhook. That is where you'll want to forward stripe events.

Verify webhook signatures by adding STRIPE_WEBHOOK_SECRET to your .env file.

See the demo

(Read more about the implementation here.)[]

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