Sveltekit Ethers Template

Typescript Boilerplate for building Ethereum dApps with Svelte Kit, TailwindCSS & Ethers.

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Svelte Kit Ethers Template

Basic Setup

Install dependencies


Start development server

yarn dev

Building Before creating a production version of your app, install an adapter for your target environment. Then:

yarn build


Wallet & Providers

After adding a list of networks in ./src/lib/config.ts, you have access to ethers providers for each network.

import { networkProviders: { [chainId: string]: providers.JsonRpcProvider } } from '$lib/stores/provider'

Methods to connect wallets

Stores for the connection information are also provided

import {
} from '$lib/stores/provider'

Contract State Syncing

In src/lib/globalState.ts is an example usage of ether-state - A library for syncing the state of smart contracts in your frontend.

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