Felt Template

a web app template with SvelteKit, Gro, and Felt

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a web app template with SvelteKit, Felt, and Gro

deployed: feltcoop.github.io/felt-template


If you're logged into GitHub, click "Use this template" above or clone with degit:

npx degit feltcoop/felt-template cooltoy
cd cooltoy
npm i
# then
npm run dev
# or
gro dev # npm i -g @feltcoop/gro

learn more about Gro

The template includes @sveltejs/adapter-static so it can deploy with no further configuration. To learn how to swap it out for another deployment target, see the SvelteKit adapter docs.

To make it your own, change felt-template to your project name in the following files:

Then run npm i to update package-lock.json.

Optionally add a license file and package.json value, like "license": "MIT".

See SvelteKit and Vite for more.


npm run build
# or
gro build


Deploy (build, commit, and push) to the deploy branch, e.g. for GitHub Pages:

npm run deploy
# or
gro deploy

credits 🐢🐢🐢

SvelteSvelteKitViteesbuilduvuTypeScriptESLintPrettierFeltGro & more


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